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Director, Relationship Architect

Matt Madden


Matt Madden's Headshot

Matt Madden has worked in the beverage industry since 2014. As Flavorman’s Relationship Architect Director, Matt has created an automated client relations program, established an international sales division and created Flavorman’s new customer service department. The Relationship Management Department, created in June 2021 and led by Matt, is focused on proactively improving the client’s Flavorman experience through excellence in customer service.

Prior to Matt’s tenure at Flavorman, his primary career focus was in the international arena, including stints with the US Department of State (International Liaison), US Peace Corps, World Affairs Council (Program Manager), Lusiada (Director of Operations) and Radio 101 (DJ). Whether in the non-profit sector, government or the for-profit sector, Matt’s commitment to relationships he builds is second to none.