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The Flavorman Process

An Experience as Tasteful as the Results.

Flavorman's process is thorough and tested. For over 30 years, Flavorman has been leading the industry as a single source partner in beverage development. Flavorman can lead you in every step of the way.

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01. Project Kickoff

Business meeting

Project Kickoff: Our process starts with our Business Development team. Complete our comprehensive online form and tell us your big idea. This is where we begin the process to help you change what the world is drinking! We review the viability of your beverage concept from packaging to processing so that we can then give you a general idea of what you're getting into.

Once we've spent quality time getting to know each other, discussing the details of your project and our role in bringing it to life, it's time to make our relationship official. We'll write a contract detailing your project that includes the scope of work, a timeline, and the cost. Once we agree and sign, it's time to dive right in. Most Importantly, we'll educate, share information along the way, and help guide you on the path to success, and we look forward to your beverage journey!

02. Research & Development

Tasting beverage samples

Following the Project Kickoff, the Business Development team will transition your project to our Research and Development team. With this extraordinary lab crew, you will work hand in and to bring your drink dream to reality. There will be consistent lines of communication throughout the entire process.

A pivotal step in our process is when you taste the samples that we create, one of which will go on to sit on the shelves as a delicious beverage one day! The tasting of these samples is a very nuanced process, so we'll send you a tasting kit and guide along with the package so that you can record any notes or critiques that our Lab Team will take into account. Remember, the perfect beverage usually takes a few rounds of revisions to get it just right, but you have a highly skilled team that is eager to turn your vision into reality!

Once final formulations are near completion, you may have the opportunity to come down to our home turf and schedule a Lab Day with our team! Lab Days are all about you, where you will tour our facility, and go over your final revisions to achieve that Final Formula. Once this formulation is signed off, we will send you 100 units of your beverage for whatever use you need. You could use these samples for marketing, investor meetings, pre-sale, and more! Now, production is underway…

03. Commercialize

Bottling Line

Once that formulation is final, the Research & Development team that you've been working with will now send you over to the Quality team. From here, they will scale-up your selected samples into commercial formulations for production. You'll also bounce back and forth with the Technical Assistance team, where they will help with selecting a contract manufacturer, prepare nutrition/supplement facts, and everything in between that is required to get your drink on the market.

We will now ship your custom blended Flavorman ingredients to your chosen co-packing facility, where they will batch and package your drink. This is when you can ship your final product to your retailers, distribution center, or storage facility. Please note that we highly recommend bringing along a Flavorman team member to your first production session, so that we can be your liaison to the process and troubleshoot, if necessary.

04. Launch

Cheers with two cans

It's now time to quench your consumer's thirst and let them taste your creation! And rest assured - your Flavorman crew will continue to be your valuable resource. We will still be hard at work with support services and continued quality testing on your production samples.

Now that you're a big success, what's next? You're probably going to need more products, and when the consumers are loving your drink, it could be time to explore new flavors to enhance your brand. We're here to help you plan, source, and implement your next strategy, all while continuing to minimize your costs. From Start Through Finish™, Flavorman will always be your guide to the world of beverages.

Our Services

Beverage Creations

At its core, Flavorman provides turnkey solutions in product development, reformulation, analytical testing, and small scale production. For over 30 years, the company has worked with startups and multinational companies to develop solutions for all their beverage requirements.

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Flavorman is Different

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"We have established our business model so that our success is entirely tied up in our clients' success."

David Dafoe

Founder, Chief Commercial Officer

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At its core, Flavorman provides turnkey solutions in product development, reformulation, analytical testing and small scale production, developing solutions for your beverage requirements.

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