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Dietary Supplement

Dietary supplemental beverages are a convenient and delicious way to get in your daily vitamins, or they can be drank for much needed nutrients during medical events that prevent you from eating food. Flavorman can put the deliciousness into this health concotion, and deliver any of your vitamin fortified desires.

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Did You Know?

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The nutritional drink market is forecasted to see a CAGR of 7.67% from now until 2027

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The high rates of lactose intolerance in America and other affluent nations will contribute to the market advancement of these product lines

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Baby formula was one of the first all-encompassing dietary supplement beverage.


Dietary Supplement Drinks

Supplemental drinks were originally made in medical settings, for people who had difficulty chewing, recovering from surgery or injury, or suffering from loss of appetite. These drinks were a quick and easy way to get a patient's nutrients in their body without pain and fuss. The only downside was that they didn't taste very good. The medical professionals collaborated with innovative beverage developers to create a tasty version of the dietary supplement beverage, and the rest was history!

It didn't take long for these drinks to fly out of the hospitals and on to the shelves, for those looking for food alternatives to their daily vitamin intake. With more recent innovations, the hydration of the electrolytes found in some of these beverages paired with the vitamin enhancements make for a "two birds one stone" scenario, and their consumers couldn't be happier (and healthier)!

Key Considerations

  1. It's important for consumers of these beverages to check with their doctor that any vitamin sources do not interfere with medications or underlying health conditions
  2. Shelf life of cream or milk based supplemental drinks (like smoothies or shakes) is shorter than that of other beverage products
  3. FDA has the authority to review dietary supplement labeling and the ability to remove a dietary supplement from the market if it poses an “imminent hazard” or “significant or unreasonable risk of injury or illness.”

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