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The Beverage of 2023

Published on:

December 22, 2023

As beverage architects, we have a penchant for transforming just about anything into a drink. This is why we annually ponder the question, "If this last year were a beverage, what would it be?" As we dive into the new year, it's the perfect moment for us to distill the significant moments of 2023 into the form of a delectable drink!

To capture the whirlwind of 2023, we introduce "Star Gazer" as the Beverage of the Year. This energy drink commands attention with a vibrant peach-mango fusion taking the lead in flavor. But it doesn't stop there—adding a spicy chili pepper twist creates a delightful sweet-heat duo. To further elevate this dynamic concoction, we enlisted a special friend to introduce a surprise flavor that seamlessly ties everything together. Stay tuned, as we unveil this show-stopping flavor at the finale! Buckle up as we reflect on this year and learn how we distilled all of its milestones into Star Gazer: The Beverage of The Year.

Can spinning

Looking Back…

The cinematic sensation "Barbenheimer" movie duo not only conquered the box office but also left an indelible mark on the fashion scene with fans’ rotating pink and black ensembles. Surprisingly, this unexpected pairing proved harmonious, working in tandem rather than competing, despite sharing identical release dates. Taylor Swift and Beyonce dominated with their record-breaking, sellout world tours. These monumental shows etch themselves into history, showcasing the prowess of two powerhouse women with discographies spanning across decades, or rather…“eras”.

The mind-boggling, yet entertaining realm of artificial intelligence tools like ChatGPT and Dall-E 4 continue to scare us with the power potential of dominating our lifestyle, yet still lead us to scratch our heads in amazement. Use of solar power and renewable energy sources are on a fast uptick, which restores faith that our ozone layer might not come crashing down on us quite yet but keep wearing your SPF just to be sure!

The political landscape continues to be quite hospitable as the nation gears up for another presidential election in November of 2024. In a display of heightened activism, workers and unions have fervently advocated for their workers’ rights, with protests echoing across almost every sector. Notable organizations that have made headlines with their unprecedented strikes are SAG-AFTRA and the United Auto Workers. These demonstrations have contributed to nearly year-long bottlenecks in car manufacturing and the production of our favorite TV shows.

Star Gazer: A Taste of 2023

Much like the year itself, this beverage is a sensory adventure, jolting the palate while infusing your spirit with empowerment and igniting your inner star. Star Gazer’s peach and mango fusion takes center stage, akin to the commanding presence of Taylor Swift and Beyonce in their flawless world tours. Introducing an unexpected twist, the spice from the chili pepper forms a dynamic Sweet Heat duo, mirroring the surprising harmony of the "Barbenheimer" movie pair and the bitterness of a turbulent political landscape.

We aim for Star Gazer to invigorate and empower the body, paralleling the impact of renewable energy sources replenishing the planet and workers boldly voicing their truths. This is why we opted for a caffeinated energy drink as the base for this delicious concoction. To add a final intriguing layer, we consulted our special friend, ChatGPT, to contribute a unique flavor. Testing its creative ability, ChatGPT revealed the surprising flavor of sweet cherry, weaving an unexpected thread that ties Star Gazer together in a harmonious blend of bold and delightful tastes.

glass with fruits around it


So there you have it! Star Gazer is here to remind the world that despite all of the insanity that has unfolded over the past years, you don’t have to lose your fire or your sweetness! Take it from the flourishing creativity from our favorite artists and filmmakers, and the tenacity of those on the front picket lines fighting for their rights. The picture-perfect future that you daydream for yourself can be accomplished by exuding star-power confidence and embracing the spiciness inside of you that advocates for your best interest. Star Gazer will give you the energetic resilience to take on the new year by storm and make those visions come true.

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