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Why CBD Beverages Are the Next Functional Drink Trend

Published on:

September 4, 2019

The green wave is here! Even as the world continues to grapple with the legality of CBD products and how they should be regulated, CBD beverages have proven to be a consumer favorite, popping up in places all around the world — and for good reason.

Earlier this year, Flavorman founder and CEO Dave Dafoe called CBD the "most impactful, functional ingredient for drinks since caffeine" and commended its "potential to improve lives across the board." Today, we're exploring CBD's health properties, what CBD drinks can offer the functional beverage space, and Flavorman's role in creating the CBD beverages the world will be drinking next.

What's in CBD beverages?

Made from cannabidiol, the second most prevalent active ingredient in cannabis or marijuana plants, CBD beverages lack the psychoactive side effects of tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, another chemical component found in cannabis plants.

How are CBD beverages made?

Ultimately, the process of making a CBD beverage depends upon the type of product itself. In general, the beverage is filtered and subsequently infused with CBD. Because of its versatility, CBD can be added into almost any type of beverage you can think of — everything from non-alcoholic wine to cold brew coffees, flavored waters, herbal teas, and more. And with advancements in beverage development technology, such as Flavorman's SoluCan BD solution, it's easier than ever to create tasty, CBD-infused drinks that consumers will enjoy.

Why is CBD trending?

While still new to the beverage scene, CBD drinks are growing in popularity as cannabis-infused products, including medical and recreational marijuana, face legalization across the country and the world. Within an American context, CBD's popularity has been fueled by its increasing availability paired with a growing health trend, with more and more American consumers ditching sugary drinks for "better-for-you" alternatives. And because CBD is derived from a natural source, CBD-infused beverages of all kinds provide an excellent substitute, with health benefits to boot!

What can CBD offer in the functional beverage space?

Because CBD is non-psychoactive, it doesn't provide the "high" that users get from ingesting THC. Instead, it is intended to provide the wellness benefits of cannabis-plants without the mind-altering effects. CBD researchers and consumers say it helps with a wide variety of health conditions.

According to Harvard Health, evidence of CBD's health properties is perhaps most visible in treating epilepsy. CBD has proven especially effective in relieving symptoms for those living with Dravet and Lennox-Gastaut syndromes, which typically don't respond to traditional anti-seizure medications. As a matter of fact, the FDA recently approved the first cannabis-derived medicine, a CBD-based oral solution to help individuals suffering from these types of seizures.

Trial tests and studies have shown that CBD can kill cancer cells while protecting healthy cells. As an anti-inflammatory product, CBD drinks offer relief to sufferers of chronic pain, arthritis, and even acne. There is also promising research about the effects of CBD on treating insomnia and mental health disorders, including anxiety and depression. CBD also boasts probiotic benefits similar to kombucha — and the list goes on and on!

But remember, it's always a good idea for individual consumers to do their own research before trying any CBD-based products.

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How is Flavorman responding to the CBD trend?

It's easy to see why CBD has become such a popular ingredient in consumable goods. From a beverage development perspective, adding CBD to your tasty drink formula may not only make it more marketable, but also provide an effortless way for consumers to incorporate CBD into their lifestyles to enjoy these benefits — meaning your drink will also have the potential to change lives for the better.

Recognizing its health properties, Flavorman began researching CBD's potential in the beverage space in 2017. Flavorman sought to find a way to develop more broadly marketable, easier-to-drink CBD-infused beverages. In this process, we've successfully developed a water-soluable CBD distillate, called SoluCan BD, which allows us to do just that.

Overcoming a significant technical challenge, Flavorman's formulation allows CBD to dissolve, not separate, when combined with liquid. This provides a consistent and uniform dose of CBD in each serving of a beverage. SoluCan BD is also shelf life stable and completely customizable, meaning it can be added to almost any beverage formula imaginable.

In its isolate form, this formulation blends cleanly and easily, making it the perfect solution for entrepreneurs seeking to create a delicious, flavored CBD drink for consumers; that is, one that contains CBD without necessarily tasting like it.

So when you're ready to change what the world is drinking — and in the process, capitalize on a 22 billion dollar industry — give us a call at (502) 273-5214 or get started with our web form, here.

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