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An Insider’s Guide to the Beverage Industry

Published on:

February 28, 2019

Insider's Guide

Welcome to our Insider’s Guide to the Beverage Industry!

Oftentimes, our biggest motivation and life-changing events come at moments when we least expect them. After graduating from the University of Miami, Ohio, David Dafoe could have pursued any career that aligned with his Zoology degree, but instead found himself on the doorsteps of Givaudan as a flavor scientist. It was at Givaudan that Dave discovered his rare super-tasting abilities and ever since, has sought to change the way we approach flavors and the beverages we enjoy.

Following his position at Givaudan, Dave landed in Kentucky working for Brown-Forman and developing beverages that include Lynchburg Lemonade and Jack Daniel’s Country Cocktails. Upon the founding of his own company Flavorman, Dave set out to use his super-tasting abilities to develop beverage products for other big-name companies like Chiquita Brands, Jones Soda, Sunsweet and hundreds more alike. For the past 27 years and counting, Dave has not only developed product flavors for beverages in all markets, but also invigorated and shaped what the world is drinking today.

Through these experiences, Dave has gained key insights on what it takes to be successful in the beverage industry: everything from what makes a good flavor, to correcting flavor combinations, fostering client relationships, establishing sustainable business practices, and more. From the perspective of the Flavorman himself, our Insider’s Guide to the Beverage Industry will give you a taste of what it takes to be a titan in the beverage industry by showcasing a series of lessons learned, including some cautionary tales about working in this competitive, evolving industry.

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