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Step into a realm where passion for beverages meets unparalleled infrastructure. Spread over a sprawling 77,000 square feet, our Beverage Campus is the definitive hub for beverage enthusiasts, professionals, and visionaries.

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Analytical Testing

Beverage Development

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Housed on our very own beverage campus, Moonshine University boasts a modern classroom area, complete with a fully equipped micro-distillery. Our distillery is equipped with a cooker, three fermentation tanks, a 250-gallon hybrid pot still, a 250-gallon 20 plate column-pot still, a 50-gallon botanicals still, barrel storage, as well as tanks and equipment for barrel dumping, blending and bottling.

People watching distillery demonstration
Warehouse Space


Our meticulously-designed warehouse doesn't just house our materials; it also amplifies our business efficiency and elevates our end products. With expansive storage areas tailored for our raw materials and ingredients, every inch is optimized for functionality. Our warehouse includes modern amenities, climate control, safe-handling practices, and seamless connectivity. From cutting-edge loading docks to soaring ceilings, every aspect is thoughtfully designed. Climate control ensures the integrity and quality of our stored materials, regardless of season, while our strict safe-handling practices allow us to handle high-hazard materials with the utmost care and compliance. Strategically positioned adjacent to our production areas for smooth transportation, our warehouse bridges the gap between our shipping, receiving, and production teams, ensuring swift movement and coordination.

Analytical Lab

Combining advanced analytical techniques with a deep-rooted passion for beverages, our lab offers unparalleled insights into composition, flavor profiles, and quality. Whether you're a budding craft brewer, an established wine producer, or a global soft drink brand, we provide the meticulous data and insights you need to perfect your product. Our state-of-the-art equipment and seasoned analysts ensure that every molecule, every note, and every nuance is captured and understood. This in-house analytical lab is equipped with GC Mass Spec, FID (Flame Ionization Detector), and HPLC. Flavorman offers analytical services to the industry, specializing in gas chromatography and mass spectrometry for flavor quality control, high-performance liquid chromatography for beverage and flavor development/research, and custom analytical projects.

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quality assurance lab

Quality Assurance Lab

In the world of beverages, quality isn't a luxury — it's an imperative. At Flavorman, we embody this ethos, ensuring every sip taken by your consumers is a testament to your brand's commitment to excellence. Our quality control lab houses rigorous shelf life and accelerated shelf life testing, among other tailored quality testing services.

Tasting Rooms

Our curated meeting spaces are designed not just for tasting, but for immersing oneself in the rich tapestry of flavors and aromas that define our curated collection. Whether you're a seasoned connoisseur or a curious novice, Flavorman's tasting experts offer a unique experience, elevating the simple act of tasting to an art form. Come, raise a glass, and toast to the world of exquisite beverages that await.

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Flavor production tanks


Introducing our recently constructed, cutting-edge flavor concentrate production facility, where the magic of taste is captured, distilled, and amplified. With an impressive capacity to handle up to 12,500 gallons, we stand at the forefront of flavor innovation. Our facility is equipped to work with both dry and wet blends, ensuring flexibility in production and consistency in outcome. Our production team is fully equipped with modern machinery, rigorous quality control, and a passion for perfection; coming together to produce flavor concentrates that redefine excellence in the beverage industry.


Our advanced classroom is the primary teaching space for Moonshine University's courses. Moonshine University offers technical training and business management education for start-ups, industry professionals, and those looking for careers in the distilling industry.

A class in session in classroom
Beverage development lab

Beverage Lab

We blend the art of taste with cutting-edge innovation to redefine the future of beverages. Our innovative facility is equipped with the latest in beverage formulation technology and is complemented by a team of experienced beverage architects. Their expertise transforms our expansive library of local and exotic ingredients into experiences that tantalize the palate.

Flavor Lab

Walking into our flavor lab is like entering a grand library of taste sensations. With over 6,000 flavors cataloged, our vast repertoire is an ode to the endless possibilities of sensory exploration. But it's not just about quantity; it's about the art of personalization. Each flavor, whether a classic or a rare find, represents a unique brushstroke in our tailor-made beverage masterpieces.

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At its core, Flavorman provides turnkey solutions in product development, reformulation, analytical testing and small scale production, developing solutions for your beverage requirements.

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Moonshine University is the nation’s premier educational distillery and the exclusive provider for the Kentucky Distillers’ Association. Located in the heart of Bourbon Country, Louisville KY.

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Stave & ThiefSociety

Stave & Thief Society is the first bourbon certification program recognized by the bourbon industry and the only to be recognized by the Kentucky Distillers Association as its 'Official Bourbon Education Course.'

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