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Whether it's that first sip in the morning, your afternoon jolt, or just a mid-day refresher, coffee remains one of the world’s most consumed and sought-out beverages.

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Did you Know?

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Coffee is believed to have originally been enjoyed in the form of chewing the plants' berries for energizing effects.

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Over 70% of Americans drink coffee everyday.

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There are only two states in the US that commercially produce coffee: Hawaii and California.


Ready-to-Drink Coffees

Famous for its invigorating properties, legends of the humble coffee beans’ origin come from 850 CE Ethiopia, where an Arab goat herder was puzzled by the strange energy of his flock after consuming wild berries. Although popular for many centuries in parts of Africa and the Arabian Peninsula, it wasn't until the 16th and 17th centuries that coffee was formally spread throughout Europe. Modern coffee exists among a myriad of different products including cold brew, frappés, and even topped off with your favorite alcoholic spirit. Learn more about how Flavorman can transform your coffee idea into an innovative product that takes the market by storm!

Key Considerations

  1. New and emerging functional coffee products such as cold-brew coffee are favored by consumers for their low-acidic taste profiles and minimal bitterness, making them an advantageous market entry point for new businesses and those who seek new ways to enhance their product line to appeal to new and old consumers alike.
  2. RTD coffees that are cream-based or contain creamer will have a shorter shelf life than those without.
  3. Since cold brew coffees do not utilize any heat during processing, there is a greater risk of microbial contaminants.

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