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Non-Alcohol Spirits

With health and wellness on the mind of almost every consumer, non-alcohol spirit beverages — also known as alcohol-free or spirit alternatives —have emerged as a growing beverage category.

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Did you know?

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Many consumers are limiting their alcohol intake due to concerns about the negative physical and mental health impacts of drinking.

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By 2031, the non-alcoholic spirits market value is projected to reach $642.4 million.

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82% of non-alcoholic spirit consumers are also buying products containing alcohol.


Non-Alcohol Spirits

The history of non-alcohol spirits can be traced back to the early 20th century during the U.S. alcohol prohibition. Consumers turned to "near beer" and "temperance drinks" as alternatives to satisfy their spirit palette without the alcohol content. In recent years, the trend of alcohol-free spirits has made a comeback, with companies and mixologists pursuing innovative and flavorful non-alcohol options to traditional spirits like gin, whiskey, and vodka. Rise in consumer demand for non-alcohol spirit beverages lie in their ability to provide a sophisticated drinking experience without alcohol’s intoxicating effects. Whether you're looking for a classic gin alternative or an innovative new spirit option, the experts at Flavorman are ready to help transform those ideas into a flavorful, spirit-free reality.

Key Considerations

  1. Non-alcohol spirits can also be used as a base for mocktails and other alcohol-free mixed drinks, making them a versatile and exciting addition to any bar or restaurant menu.
  2. Non-alcoholic Spirits can be made several different ways but must contain less than 0.5% ABV
  3. Although the alcohol content in these alcohol-flavoured beverages is typically below 0.1% vol., some residual alcohol may be expected from the use of food flavours, which are often dissolved and commercialised in alcoholic solutions.

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