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Sports Drinks

For athletes all over the world, sports drinks serve the purpose of replenishing hydration in the body after intense and strenuous exercise. In comparison to hydrating with regular water, a sports drinks also fuels the body with extra sodium and carbohydrates that keep energy levels high for your best performance.

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Did You Know?

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The global sports drink market is expected to grow to $36.35 billioin in 2028

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Sports drinks have shown to improve physical performance and increased performance time for athletes before reaching exhaustion.

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Sports drinks can help delay fatigue by replenishing lost electrolytes during high intensity workouts


Sports Drinks

"Glucozade" (later shortened to "Lucozade") is arguably one of the earliest known sports drink, launched in 1927. It was created by chemist William Owen; a citrus flavored sugar water that had the intention of delivering quick energy and fluids.

In 1967, the popular "Gatorade" was launched commercially and quickly dominated the sports drink market. Today, the realm of sports drinks thrives in a multi-billion dollar indsutry, with thousands of variants that cater to all of the tight niches of athletics.

Key Considerations

  1. Sports drinks that contain high amounts of sodium and sugar can actually do more harm then good, especially when consuming during only moderate exercize.
  2. On average, sports drinks are 50 calories, contain about 3 tablespoons of sugar per cup, and 270 milligrams of sodium per 20 ounces.
  3. It is important to understand the difference between hypotonic, isotonic, and hypertonic drinks - questions that our Beverage Architects can help answer!

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