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Functional Beverages

Health and wellness have always been important, but in the face of modern health concerns, consumers have increasingly sought ways to reclaim and incorporate these elements in everyday products. This is especially true in the beverage industry, as functional drinks that maximize benefits have overtaken the market.

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Probiotic beverages may be helpful to some when taking antibiotics, as they stimulate the growth of beneficial bacteria.

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The functional beverages market is expected to reach $353.4 billion in 2030.

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Consumer interest in functional beverages is estimated to have grown by 51% within the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Functional Beverages

From natural coconut water to vitamin-infused energy drinks, the functional beverage is one of the most diverse product categories in which any type of consumer can find a product that speaks to their health needs. Considering that most consumable products serve functional roles, beverages that promote a specific health benefit (i.e. energy, electrolytes, vitamins, etc.) have existed for almost as long as humans have. The rise of energy drinks like Red Bull and probiotic beverages like Yakult in the 20th century have brought about the modern functional beverage products that help us all get through those especially difficult days. As this market continues to expand with a focus on health, you can turn to the experienced beverage experts at Flavorman to achieve your functional beverage aspirations.

Key Considerations

  1. Within the American context, CBD’s popularity as a functional product is fueled by increased availability and a growing health trend, with more and more American consumers ditching sugary drinks for “better-for-you” alternatives like CBD infusions.
  2. While adaptogens that appear in functional beverages, like ashwagandha and ginseng, have studies completed on their ability to regulate your mood, anxiety, and focus, these supplements are not regulated by the FDA .
  3. There is no "functional beverage" category in the eyes of the FDA - just conventional beverages or dietary supplements, both of which have their own seet of rules and regulations.

Why CBD Beverages Are the Next Functional Drink Trend

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