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Beverage Development

At Flavorman, we are your comprehensive beverage partner, guiding you through every step of product development. From refining your idea to creating the perfect formula, selecting packaging, and ensuring FDA compliance, product development is a key part of putting your dream drink in the hands of thirsty consumers.

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Beverage Development

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Whether you're looking to improve flavor profiles, adjust ingredient ratios, or meet specific dietary or market demands, our experienced beverage architects are here to assist you. We listen to your goals and preferences and leverage our cutting-edge technology to fine-tune your formulation for optimal taste, texture, and consistency. With our expertise in flavor balancing and ingredient selection, we ensure your reformulated beverage meets your desired specifications and exceeds consumer expectations. Our commitment to quality and attention to detail result in a reformulated product that not only retains its unique identity but also reflects the latest market trends and preferences. Partner with us, and together, we'll take your beverage to new heights of excellence through reformulation development.

Our Process

An Experience as Tasteful as the Results

Flavorman’s process is thorough and tested. For over 30 years, Flavorman has been leading the industry as a single-source partner in beverage development. Flavorman can lead you in every step of the way.

  1. Project Kickoff: Our process kicks off with the Business Development team. To initiate the journey of transforming your beverage idea into reality, complete our comprehensive online form ( and share your big idea. This marks the beginning of the process to revolutionize what the world is drinking. Following an in-depth exploration of your project details and our role in bringing it to life, we formalize our relationship with a contract. This contract outlines the scope of work, timeline, and cost. Once mutually agreed upon and signed, we dive into the project. Throughout the process, we prioritize education, information sharing, and guidance to pave the way for your beverage journey.
  2. Research & Development: After the Project Kickoff, your project seamlessly transitions to our Research and Development team, dedicated to turning your beverage dream into reality. Throughout the process, communication remains consistent. The pivotal tasting phase involves sampling our creations, and we'll provide a tasting kit for your notes. Crafting the perfect beverage may require revisions, but with our skilled team, your vision will become a reality. As final formulations near completion, you may schedule a Lab Day at our facility to discuss revisions and achieve the ultimate Final Formula. Once approved, we'll send you 100 units of your beverage for marketing, investor meetings, pre-sales, and more. With production underway, your journey to beverage success continues.
  3. Commercialize: Once the final formulation is complete, our Quality team scales up your selected samples for commercial production. Collaborating with the Technical Assistance team, you'll finalize details like selecting a contract manufacturer and preparing nutrition/supplement facts. Custom Flavorman ingredients are then shipped to your chosen co-packing facility for batching and packaging. This stage marks the opportunity to ship your final product to retailers, distribution centers, or storage facilities. We recommend having a Flavorman team member at your first production session to act as a liaison and troubleshoot if needed.
  4. Launch: It's time to satisfy your consumers' thirst and let them taste your creation! Rest assured, your Flavorman crew remains a valuable resource. We continue providing support services and conducting quality testing on your production samples. As your success grows, and consumers love your drink, it might be time to explore new flavors to enhance your brand. We're here to help you plan, source, and implement your next strategy, all while minimizing costs. From Start Through Finish™, Flavorman will always be your guide in the world of beverages.

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