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Case Studies

With a watchful eye on trends, Flavorman has been leading the way in every category of beverage development. Dig into some of our case studies below to gain valuable insights into our proven track record.

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Crispin Hard Ciders

Crispin Hard Cider

Joe Heron acquired a California cider brand after Flavorman crafted a line of "Good For You" sodas (Nutrisoda), later selling the brand to Pepsi Americas. The brand had no technical support so Flavorman was hired to strengthen the product’s flavor, quality, and manufacturing processes. The brand did not have quality control specifications, shelf-life data, or tight manufacturing specific actions or instructions.

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Ballotin Whiskey Products


Crafted by Paul Tuell and Flavorman in 2015, Ballotin perfectly blends bourbon and chocolate. This chocolate whiskey is a harmonious delight, quickly expanding from its conception in Kentucky to 40+ states. Cheers to the essence of your favorite chocolate indulgences in every sip!

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Beatbox Beverages


BeatBox, born in Austin, crafted with Flavorman's expertise, debuted on "Shark Tank," securing a $1M deal with Mark Cuban.

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Nutrisoda Beverages


Back before “Functional Beverages” were trending, we were creating functional drinks with breakthrough ingredients. In the early aughts, South African entrepreneur Joe Heron approached Flavorman to develop an innovative line of soft drinks.

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True Essence Foods Industrial-Scale Technology Solutions that Protect Flavor and Enhance Sustainability

True Essence Foods

True Essence Foods, a food technology company, learned about Flavorman's Analytical Laboratory when attending a Moonshine University private course. They approached our Manager of Analytical Services, Dr. Mark Sprowl, when they needed real-time data that backed the effectiveness and genius of their services.

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The Schiavone Beverage

The Schiavone

Flavorman helped develop The Schiavone for Louisvillian Bob Schiavone, a human capital manager and avid golfer.

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Jones Soda

Jones Soda came to Flavorman after a major flavor company had developed its soft drink line, and the formulations failed immediately after bottling. Flavorman provided a solution to manage Jones Soda’s entire technical requirements.

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Boss Alcohol Drink


Stout Brewing Company offers three different varieties of alcoholic beverages, all developed with the help of the beverage experts at Flavorman.

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