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Cream Based Drinks

Where indulgence meets innovation, one can find themselves within the delightful world of cream-based beverages. Anything from flavored milk products to cream liquers and spirits can be formulated for you at the Beverage Campus.

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Did You Know

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The global cream liqueur market grew 25% in value in 2021

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Cream liqueurs date back to the 1970s

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Eggnog originated in medieval Europe


Cream Based Drinks

Through generations of history, these beverages have evolved from cherished family recipes like eggnog and milkshakes to become beloved icons of the modern beverage market. Cream-based drinks continue to appeal to consumers seeking a premium and indulgent drinking experience. With their luscious mouthfeel, enticing aromas, and a wide range of flavor possibilities, these products have a special place in the hearts of consumers looking to savor moments of pure indulgence. With a deep knowledge of cream bases and flavor trends, Flavorman can assist you in developing a unique and captivating cream-based product that can leave a lasting impression on consumers and rushing to the store for more!

Key Considerations

  1. Acidic ingredients (such as coffee, juice or carbonated beverages) may cause cream-based products to curdle faster than others
  2. Shelf-life of any cream-based drink is shorter than that of other beverage products
  3. Once opened, cream-based beverages should be kept refrigerated in order to preserve the best quality.

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