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Flavored Spirits

Flavored spirits are a fusion of traditional alcohol profiles, or liquor, infused with enticing flavors. Through Flavorman, we undergo a meticulous process to incorporate either natural or artificial flavors into your choice of base spirit. From fruit-infused vodkas, to spiced rums, to herbal liqueurs, and more... Flavorman is ready to bring your Flavored Spirit dream to life!

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Did you know?

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Flavored whiskey is one of the largest growing segments in flavored spirits.

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Flavored Vodkas accounted for over 20% of all vodka sold in US bars and restaurants.

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The global flavored spirits market is estimated to be worth $32.7 Billion by 2026.


Flavored Spirits

Before becoming a staple in liquor stores worldwide, flavored spirits and liqueurs had humble beginnings traced back to homemade infusions enjoyed for leisure or medicinal purposes.

Today, the global market offers a vast array of flavored liquor, in all spirit profiles. What was simply a fusion of fermented grains now represents the continuous ingenuity in natural and artificial flavoring, captivating consumers and connoisseurs alike. Most bars and restaurants consider their bottle selection incomplete without premium flavored spirits. This enables them to craft nearly any desired cocktail and elevate their mixology skills to new heights.

Key Considerations

  1. Our innovative process allows you to swiftly capitalize on flavor and cocktail trends, bypassing the lengthy aging period typically required for some spirits. This agility enables you to stay ahead of the curve and seize opportunities in the market landscape effectively.
  2. Your product's marketing strategy and the classification assigned to your spirit on its label are crucial factors in determining its TTB category. The TTB categorizes flavored spirits using various criteria, a process that our Regulatory team can expertly guide you through during the development phase.
  3. The options in this space are limitless, where we give you the reigns to experiment with flavor combinations, variate alcohol concentrations, and more. Flavorman offers you the chance to pioneer innovations previously unseen in the market, or to refine and elevate traditional flavored spirit profiles to new heights.
  4. Those in the distillery industry have used flavored spirits to generate revenue while they wait for their aged spirits to mature.

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