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Welcome to the world of flavored spirits, where the combination of human innovation and consumer demand for flavorful, innovative alcoholic products meet at this intersection.

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Did you know?

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Flavored whiskey is one of the largest growing segments in flavored spirits.

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Flavored Vodkas accounted for over 20% of all vodka sold in US bars and restaurants.

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The global flavored spirits market is estimated to be worth $32.7 Billion by 2026.


Flavorman Spirits

Before its place as a liquor store staple, The origin of flavored spirits or liqueur can be traced to simple homemade infusions enjoyed for leisure or even medicinal purposes. Today, global markets make thousands of flavored alcoholic beverages within the spirit and non-spirits categories. These spirits are the culmination of fermented grains and evolutionary human innovations in natural and artificial flavor that leave consumers and connoisseurs yearning and innovating for more. Innovative producers, bars, and mixologists don’t consider one’s selection complete without the highest quality flavored spirits to create almost any desirable flavor profile, taking your skills to the next level!

Key Considerations

  1. It is necessary to consider how incorporating flavoring to your spirits could enhance your product line and develop high-demand products that stimulate market growth. Flavor categorizes could diversify the range of your brand and extend the reach of your consumer base to new segments. It is furthermore important to consider how certain flavor combinations - such as citrus and chocolate for example - are not as balanced or complementary as others and would not be recommended to produce in mass.
  2. Although beverage flavor innovation may come within the working hands of a confined lab environment, distribution of flavored alcoholic products to consider are through hotels, restaurants, or bars where they are sold directly or as a base of a cocktail.
  3. If you have any additional questions of relevant factors to assess when pursuing a flavored spirit product, feel free to reach out to MoonU/Production/Lab for more details about production considerations and process.

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