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Our Story

Perfecting The Sweetest Science Since 1992.

Flavorman has established itself as the benchmark for innovation in the beverage industry, backed by decades of hands-on experience. Our commitment to excellence is shown through our clients, team, and history.

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Take A Trip Down Memory Lane

Dave Dafoe

Dave's Beginnings

After quickly gaining a reputation for developing fresh, new creations for spirits giant Brown-Forman, Dave had become restless and eager for a new challenge.

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Newspaper Article: Gold cards were key ingredient that let flavormaker Dave Dafoe charge ahead with Pro-Liquitech.

Early Pro-Liquitech

After success at Brown-Foreman, Dave branched out on his own to start Pro-Liquitech.

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Dave examining a bottle in the lab

Initial Growth of Pro Liquitech

Pro-Liquitech partners with Jones Soda which launches a period of growth and success for the company.

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Flavorman building after renovation

Beginning of a Beverage Campus

In 2004, Dave was inspired by a serious health scare to take the business to a new level by renovating a large building in downtown Louisville. 2 years later, this became the company's headquarters.

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Flavorman Building

Name Change

The company begins doing business as Flavorman, leaving the original name, Pro-Liquitech behind.

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Mopping flood water

Overcoming Adversity

In 2008, a collapsing economy and a historic flood put the company to the test.

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Moonshine University's Classroom

Moonshine University

On the cusp of the craft distilling boom, Dave and the team create a professional training program for aspiring distillery owners.

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Hand sanitizer bottle

Covid-19 Crisis

The Covid-19 pandemic challenged the business in new ways, but the team worked together to not only survive, but thrive in the global health crisis.

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Flavorman founder David Dafoe holding the outstanding contribution to distilling award given by the American Distilling Institute.

ADI Lifetime Achievement

Flavorman founder David Dafoe has been recognized by the American Distilling Institute for his "outstanding contribution to distilling."

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Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer, other local and state officials, and Flavorman employees attended a groundbreaking.

Production Expansion Groundbreaking

Flavorman held a ceremonial groundbreaking on the site of its new facility expansion, an $8.5 million investment.

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Empty warehouse

Beverage Campus Expansions

As business booms, Flavorman expands its beverage campus to encompass more than an entire city block and five buildings.

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The Present

The Flavorman Team, Our Secret Ingredient

Scott Weddle's Headshot


Chief Executive Officer

Jon Wood's Headshot


Chief Operating Officer

Dave Dafoe's Headshot


Founder, Chief Commercial Officer

"We’ve come a long way from where we first started, and I couldn’t be prouder of the team of experts we have in place and the work we’ve done over the years."

Kristen Wemer's Headshot


Chief Technical Officer

Peter V. Eberle's Headshot


Chief Strategy Officer

Holly Cropper Headshot


Chief Financial Officer

Katie Clark's Headshot


Director, Research & Development

Brad Nichols's Headshot


Director, Business Development

Chris Renninger's Headshot


Director, Production

Tom Gibson's Headshot


Director, Flavor Development

The Future

Join Flavorman's World-Class Team

Want to add your own flavor to the Flavorman team? Apply below to become part of a company culture cultivated by expertise, quality, kindness, and a commitment to true work-life balance, valuing people over profits.

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Flavorman team members

Explore Our Beverage Campus


At its core, Flavorman provides turnkey solutions in product development, reformulation, analytical testing and small scale production, developing solutions for your beverage requirements.

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Moonshine University is the nation’s premier educational distillery and the exclusive provider for the Kentucky Distillers’ Association. Located in the heart of Bourbon Country, Louisville KY.

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Stave & ThiefSociety

Stave & Thief Society is the first bourbon certification program recognized by the bourbon industry and the only to be recognized by the Kentucky Distillers Association as its 'Official Bourbon Education Course.'

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News & Blog

Taste Of The Latest


5 Date Night Drinks From The Beverage Architects


Join us as we unveil a selection of our Beverage Architects' cherished cocktails (including one delightful mocktail) guaranteed to captivate the night.

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Person in lab coat showcasing 2024 beverage trends

Beverage Trends of 2024


Each year, our team of Beverage Architects here at Flavorman come together to flex our divination muscles and attempt to predict the beverage trends of the upcoming year. Check out our predictions for 2024 Beverage Trends!

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Cocktail surrounded by horse-related decorations

Derby Cocktails Stirred Up by The Horses


This year, we ‘reigned in’ the most anticipated horses set to race this year and used their namesake to reinspire classic Derby Cocktails (and one mocktail)! 

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