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Hard Seltzers

Hard seltzers, or alcoholic sparkling water, is a type of highball drink that contains seltzer, alcohol, and usually some type of flavoring. In the US, the alcohol in hard seltzers is usually made by fermenting cane sugar to create a neutral, clean tasting spirit. Hard seltzer lovers are hooked on this beverage due to its low alcohol and caloric volume. Partner with Flavorman to step into this market, and create something that has never been done before!

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Did you know?

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Grapefruit-flavored hard seltzers are predicted to grow the most in seltzer sales by 2030.

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Most hard seltzers are gluten free, offering a better alternative for those with gluten intolerances.

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The US hard seltzer market is predicted to reach $25.21 billion by 2032.


Hard Seltzers

The concept of flavored malt beverages has always been popular, with brands like Two Dogs, Hooper's Hooch, and Mike's Hard Lemonade paving the way for others in the industry. The more modern version of spiked soda water was created by Nick Shields in 2013, branded "Spiked Seltzers".

The mainstream popularity of this style began in 2018, alongside the innovation of "Sugar Brew", which is the fermenting of sugar without malt. This process rendered a cleaner taste and neutral base to add flavor and carbonation, while also keeping it gluten-free. One of today's most popular hard seltzer brands, White Claw, grew 85% in one year with the backing of social media during COVID-19 lockdowns.

Today, several alcoholic beverage brands have tapped into the Hard Seltzer market, even craft brewers who want to offer a gluten free alternative for their patrons!

Key Considerations

  1. The route you want to take with your hard seltzer formulation will determine its TTB classification. A malt-based hard seltzer is considered a malt beverage, while a sugar based hard seltzer is considered "beer" - both of which are subject to different standards. You have full accesibility to Flavorman's Regulatory department during our development process to help you navigate this process and ensure your hard seltzer is up to code on any front.
  2. Much like our RTD Cocktails and Flavored Spirits, the sky is the limit. You can experiment with flavor, alcohol concentration, carbonation, and more.
  3. It's important to consider that the Hard Seltzer market has become rather crowded, so your creative spirit will be a great asset for your brand. When partnered with Flavorman, you have the chance to make the next big breakthrough and become a disruptor in this market.

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