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Soda, pop, coke, fizz. No matter what name you use for this beverage, carbonated beverages have not only made their mark on beverage history, but also likely sit atop the shelves in your own refridgerator. This category boasts endless possibilities and creativity, especially if you have The Beverage Architects by your side.

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Did you know?

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The first flavored soda appeared in Europe in the 19th century in the form of carbonated lemonade.

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10% of beverages consumed by Americans on a daily basis are sodas.

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The United States represents over 27% of the global soft drink market.



Before soda products appeared in our everyday grocery stores, pharmacists would mix medecines into carbonated water with a touch of flavor for easier consumption. What started as a simple idea transformed into popular home remedies for and led to centuries of beverage innovation into the 20th century, resulting in a plethora of options we know and have today.

Nowadays, consumers drink sodas alongside almost every meal, movie, and social event. The possibilities for flavor, branding, and innovation are endless! Work with the experts here at Flavorman to help gain an understanding of the past and keep an eye on the future to win over new and existing customers through ground-breaking, thoughtful creations in the soda market.

Key Considerations

  1. When considering how to approach the beverage market, it is important to consider projected trends. According to industry insiders, calories per person from soda consumption declined by 5.5% in recent years, leading to a total reduction of 11.8% since 2014. Interestingly, the total volume of beverages purchased by consumers has grown, signifying a shift toward low-calorie and zero sugar versions.
  2. With the sheer mass of sodas on the market right now, making your product stand out on the shelves is key to be successful amongst competitors. This means that possibilities are endless to make your product one-of-a-kind. Flavorman is eagar to help you create the next best soda to take over the hands of consumers!
  3. There has been a recent surge of Functional Beverages being incorporated in the Soda market. Pre-biotic and pro-biotic sodas, in particular, are prime examples of functional sodas that are extremely popular amongst consumers right now.

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